Souvenirs KUOLMi.

Take a little something of Slovenia home for you, your family, or friends.  

Once upon the time, Slovenia was a wild, wet forest. It was a magical world filled with wildlife and no man ever stepped inside. A wild jungle... Trees were bathing in the sun and wild animals were running around. New trees grew and old ones lay to rest. In this magical world, trees didn’t die – they transformed into a stone named coal.Nowadays, artist digs it out and let these 20 million-year-old trees see the sunlight again. This is a story about stones that travel through time and want to do it with you!

KUOLMi is a local name for coal. Natural coal of Slovenia will share a memory of Slovenia no matter where you go.

KUOLMi jewelry is handmade by a local artist Marjeta Hribar. She picks, cuts and designs every single piece by hand. Her message has an ecological note: Wear it, don’t burn it!
Designer is well known for designing a crown of Miss Slovenia, coworking with Alpina company and promoting Slovenian heritage in a new creative ways.
Coal jewelry KUOLMi is made from stainless steel and hard coal, both displaying the hidden charm of “black gold”. Each item is unique and hand-made thanks to the material itself.
Wearing KUOLMi, you wear a piece of rock that has already existed 20 million years ago!