Sama nabere premog, ga obdela in zbrusi v nakit- VAL202

She collects coal herself, processes it and grinds it into jewelry - VAL202

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Marjeta Hribar is a descendant of a miner from Zasavje, who used the once despised and dirty coal to make famous jewelry. Just as some people go to the forest for mushrooms, she goes for coal!

A hillbilly she is a designer of coal jewelry. She is often asked by clients if they will get black hands if they touch it.

"Not at all. I protect the coal. But it's true, when I look for it in the forest, it's still ugly, dirty and muddy. The pieces are very different, some are made from tiny twigs that were deposited on the bottom of the water, some from mega-thick ones. And precisely because of this, each piece has its own nature, also its own strength. After I collect the coal, I 'drow' it in natural resins, soak it, because oxygen causes it to disintegrate. Grinding and shaping follow!"

Her great-grandfather was a miner, that's why still today remembers how they used to live with this profession. Like many others in Zasavje, Marjeta Hribar's childhood was closely connected with the tradition of mining. 

"I remember the old miner's wives who cleaned the mining colony, how they baked bread, how they still had large cauldrons in which they cooked laundry. These are things that today's children will not remember."

Marjeta Hribar does not only make jewelry, she participated in various art projects, decorated three crowns for the Miss Slovenia competition, and even a line of shoes by a well-known manufacturer. She is currently gearing up for the Grammy Award nominee gift program, as her products will most likely be part of the gift package.

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