Zgodba o kroni miss Slovenije

The story of the crown of Miss Slovenia

Jewelry designer Marjeta Hribar, designer of the Miss Slovenia 201 crown and the Miss Slovenia 2018 crown, uses local natural elements of Slovenia. Her work focuses on the promotion of national cultural and natural heritage and local invisible and unconventional material that has not been used in this way so far.

KUOLMi is the local name for coal as it is used as the main material of the brand.

Miss Eco Slovenia 2017 The first crown was designed for Miss Eco Slovenia 2017, Tamara Fišter. The theme was ecology, so the designer used the old broken glass of the home glassworks Steklarna Hrastnik and finished her design with elements of coal. 

Crown of Miss Eco Slovenia 2017, Tamara Fišter

Miss Slovenia 2018

The second, Miss Slovenia 2018 crown Lara Kalanj & gt ;, was designed using coal as the main material, as it was crowned in a specific area of the country - Zasavje, which specializes in coal mining.

Miss Slovenia 2018, Lara Kalanj

Therefore, the designer used coal as the main inspiration and tried to depict the character of the locals as the main theme of the crown. The use of coal was an innovative principle of reusing something that the coal region lost with the closure of mines, giving coal a new purpose and vision in the future.

Crown of Miss Slovenia 2018, Lara Kalanj

Miss Slovenia 2019

This year, Miss Slovenia was crowned in various regions of Slovenia called Bela krajina. The meaning of the name is Bela krajina, so the inspiration for the crown of Miss Slovenia 2019 (Miss Špela Alič).

Marjeta used the previous material as a base for the crown and tried to use new materials that represented Bela krajina. In collaboration with local artist Andreja Lukanič, she used naturally colored birch wood as her main focus. The famous Kolpa River, which is the main tourist attraction in the area, was the inspiration for the use of freshwater pearls in the crown, and the last part was made using coal, and in the future each crown will combine different materials that represent Slovenia in its uniqueness . way.

Crown of Miss Slovenia 2019, Špela Alič

Designer Marjeta Hribar with her brand KUOLMi also represented Slovenia with her representative gift for a charity event within the Miss World pageant program.

Representative gift of Miss Slovenia

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