About KUOLMi

About KUOLMi

In a mystical realm beyond nine mountains and waters, a vibrant forest flourished with wildlife and plants, untouched by human presence. The sun nourished the flora as majestic creatures roamed freely. Within this abundant environment, new trees sprouted continuously, while aged ones transformed into coal over millions of years. Coal, a valuable energy source, has historically been used for heat and light.

Artist Marjeta Hribar Kuolmi now presents a unique perspective, suggesting, "Rather than burning it, adorn yourself with it." This substance evolves through time, preserving our history, roots, and essence while embracing innovation. Kuolmi's handmade charcoal jewelry represents a fusion of tradition and modernity, symbolizing Slovenian heritage.

Mistična verižica z obeskom iz premoga ter pravim listom vrtnice- ujete za večno v baker. Posebna in neobičajna verižica za vse, ki jim stik z naravo in estetika daje smisel. Vsak list vrtnice je bil posebej izbran - na voljo je le 3 verižice, velikost se določi glede na velikost kamna. Verižica velikosti S ima črno verigo, M - verigo srebrne barve ter L v barvi temno siva.

Renowned for her Zasava coal creations, Marjeta Hribar received a notable recognition: her Kuolmi products were in the giftbags for nominated at the prestigious Grammy Awards. Her jewelry collection, tailored for the Grammys and Oscars, captured the attention of music and film stars. The invitation stemmed from her distinctive style, eco-conscious approach, and innovative use of coal in fashion, as acknowledged by a prominent New York art magazine. The forthcoming Kuolmi collection, will combine coal with semi-precious metals, promising a unique appeal akin to celebrity gifts. KUOLMi, designed and handcrafted the medals for the European Women's Handball Championship in Slovenia, which boasts awards such as the Leonardo da Vinci, Pegasus, World Best Artists Prize, Oscar for creativity and Michelangelo prize, solidifying her as a creative force in high fashion.

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Marjeta Hribar Kuolmi has carved out a distinctive niche in the fashion world by blending nature and artistry. As the world awaits the upcoming Kuolmi collection featuring a fusion of coal with semi-precious metals, the allure promises a unique charm reminiscent of celebrity gifting. Each meticulously crafted piece embodies Slovenian pride and eco-conscious values, establishing Kuolmi as a beacon of creativity and innovation in high fashion.

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From mystical forests to glamorous stages, Marjeta Hribar Kuolmi's journey embodies the transformative power of art. Her creations seamlessly blend the past with the present, cementing her legacy as a visionary artist illuminated like the coal that inspired her exquisite pieces. Known for her work with Miss Slovenia and contributions to awards ceremonies like the Grammy Awards, Academy Awards, and Oscars, she also designed the heart of the Prometheus statue in Trbovlje, Slovenia. Collaborating with EHF, she created medals for the European Women's Handball Championship.

Her work reflects an innovative and eco-conscious approach to coal, showcasing Slovenian heritage on a global scale. The KUOLMi collection narrates the coal's history like a fairy tale, illustrating Slovenia's evolution from a wild forest to a coal-rich land. Crafting each piece by hand using copper, silver, and hard coal, the artist unearths ancient trees, allowing wearers to adorn themselves with a rock dating back 20 million years. Her motto, "wear it, don't burn it," conveys an ecological message with each jewelry item.

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