Prometejevo srce

Prometheus' heart


A heart must be added to Prometheus, we said ... one that embodies the heart of the people who live in this space and is represented by a statue.
The heart is made of coal, as we have lived from it until now, Prometheus-Miner, who looking to the future, he will always carry it with him, even if it has changed meaning and transformed into new forms.


The first half presents all the miners digging bread in the dark, and the second half will feature all the women who trembled at home for their husbands and sons. These are seldom mentioned and too often forgotten.
The brave, the unconditionally loving and the garage are silently forgotten and the heart represents them on an equal footing with the miners. Without one, there is no other, and together we can look to the future, which will be indicated by a glowing thread that will connect the two halves and unite them into a hint of light heartbeat that will add life to the statue.


Just as coal has transformed and entered modern society with its new meaning, so we humans must not forget our own past and strive for the future with reinforced lessons. The construction process is sometimes as black as it used to be .. :)



But through it, through layers of dust and effort, coal finally shines like a real black diamond.
As they say - You can leave Zasavje, but Zasavje never leaves your heart. Now you can take your heart with you.



 Spring is approaching and with it the time when Prometheus will finally take off his coat and reveal himself to the whole city in all its grandeur.
, installation of Prometheus' heart (Marjeta Hribar), welding of damage due to extremely demanding transport and installation and connection to the solar power plant.
we are preparing for the unveiling of the Monument to the Districts as we celebrate this remarkable event with you.


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