Zgodba o premogu

The story of coal

"The point is in the STORY, right?
Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a wild world behind nine mountains and nine waters, a wetland forest. It was a magical world of wildlife and plants where no human foot had yet set foot. The sun was warming the plants and mighty animals were running over the roots. In this naturally rich environment, new and new trees grew all the time, and the old ones lay down to rest ... They never died, they just turned into a rock, and 20 million years later this rock was given a name - coal. Kuolm. Black gold.
Coal carries so much energy in itself that it was even used for burning to get heat and light in the past.
Today, artist Marjeta digs it up and says: "" Don't burn it, wear it. ""
This is a story about a rock that travels through time, changes all the time, and at the same time enriches human lives.
Why "burn" and forget your own history? Let's renew it in a way that preserves its heart and soul, the message and the meaning of our roots, while at the same time becomes something new, innovative. Something we are happy to wear and thus show the pride of Slovenia all over the world.
And that's how KUOLMi handmade coal jewelry is made ...
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