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KUOLMI cuff links are made with real coal in combination with stainless steel. Wear an extraordinary piece of history on your shirt! Unique cufflinks from a lump of coal.

The 10 million-year-old stone will shine on his hand with all its brilliance.  The image is symbolic because each piece is handmade, unrepeatable, and unique. The cufflinks are packaged in gift packaging with an added description of the coal story.

As brands, it's important that we do our bit for the environment. One excellent way to do that is through the use of your business gifts. - it'll resonate with your clients and contacts in a way that simply isn't achievable through any other medium. Use Cufflink KUOLMi to tell, that you care.

The production of these special pieces of jewelry requires a great deal of care and time;
In addition, each pair is carefully sealed so that no ash rubs off on the shirt.

You get a pair (2 pieces) of KUOLMi cufflinks. Each of your pieces of jewelry purchased from us comes lovingly packaged in a gift box with a gift- story about coal, that cufflinks are made from. Ready to be given as a gift ;)