Collection: Prometheus - The miner

Miner Prometheus, an 11-meter high monument commemorating more than 200 years of mining, was erected in Trbovlje, Slovenia. A monument to the generations of Zasavje people who worked for the survival of their families and the development of the region.

This largest commemorative sculpture in Slovenia was made by sculptors Zoran Poznič and I. Prometheus became the god of fire and a depiction of human aspirations, civilizational skills such as writing, mathematics, agriculture, medicine, science. It is seen as a representation of knowledge-seeking and revolutionary defiance - but also the risk of exaggeration or unintended consequences.

V Trbovljah bo impresivna rudarska Prometejeva skulptura zasijala samozadostne sončne celice - osvetljene od znotraj. Njegov žaromet bo svetil po dolini do vhoda v rudniški jašek, kjer bo osvetljeval rudarski grb na stolpu. Naredil sem srce Prometeja – seveda iz premoga.

It is a personal pleasure for me to be a part of this project. The more I thought about him, the more I wanted to embody the duality of this life in our ends. There has always been talk of only male heroes suffering underground. However, these heroes were able to survive only thanks to their wives. That is why this heart has two halves - which are connected and beat with the same rhythm.

I think the younger generation will also like the statue: Prometheus will not need an explanation as he skips time frames. Given that the basis of work is from the past, it is conducted through the present, and connects all time frames with all virtual technology. Everyone will look for the part of the story that is closest or most related to them.

The project was led by Trbovlje New Media Setting, Kaos Communication, mag. Ak. Kip. Zoran Poznič, KUOLMi - Marjeta Hribar.